Choose Your Own Device: Safety is the most important mobility issue

Since 2012, IDC has conducted annual surveys on the issue of enterprise mobility. In the recently published study of 2014/2015, it is noticeable that improving mobile security is currently high on the list of priorities for both IT and departmental decision makers. As a second objective for the next twelve months, companies have set out to provide uniform access to applications, regardless of the device used.

However, the trend towards the use of smartphones and tablets is unsurprising. Of the surveyed IT managers, 86% wanted to equip more employees with smartphones or phablets, while 77% wanted to promote the distribution of tablets. The interesting thing is that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), which has been popular for many years, has lost much of its appeal. 49% of companies now rely on CYOD (Choose Your Own Device), a model in which users choose a device from a series of approved devices but it remains in the possession of the company. (Resource: IDC/rf)