Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway: Offers Complete Web Security and Lowers Cost

Blue Coat announced that it has bundled its Secure Web Gateway products to simplify the adoption of a comprehensive Web security solution and to lower the overall cost of that solution. The bundles ought to offer companies a layered defense to protect their Internet gateway connections, which combines in-line threat analysis, content controls, Web filtering, inspection of SSL-encrypted traffic, authentication and policy management along with on-demand cloud-based threat intelligence for new Web sites and dynamic links.

The bundles include Blue Coat Proxy SG and Proxy AV appliances, Blue Coat Webfilter, Blue Coat Reporter and Blue Coat Proxy Client products, Blue Coat SSL proxy, Kaspersky Labs Anti-Malware software and three years hardware and software support.

Since users often work in locations outside of a corporate office, Proxy Client software can extend the protection from malicious threats and phishing to individuals regardless of their location, while also enforcing acceptable Web usage policies and accelerating remote access to centrally stored files. Blue Coat Reporter software provides necessary analytical information and reports required for compliance.

“Companies need to defend themselves from the escalating level of criminally-driven Web exploits and malicious attacks with a combination of Internet gateway protection and on-demand large-scale community-based intelligence”, said Carrie Oakes, VP, product marketing and management, Blue Coat Systems. “Our bundled solutions for Web security bring a comprehensive defense to businesses, while eliminating the complexity of procuring them and lowering the cost.”

The Web security bundles ought to support companies of up to 1,500 users. There is an option for high availability (HA) dual gateways in an active-active deployment, or non-HA with a single gateway for deployment. Each bundle is orderable using a single product number and provides a discount of up to 40 percent off the list price of purchasing the items individually. Prices start at $11,300 US, for 100 users, the equivalent of $38 per user per year. (Source: Blue Coat Systems/GST)