Cirrhus9 Secucloud: On-Demand Database Security in the Cloud

Cirrhus9 has teamed up with Secucloud, the Silicon Valley-based leader in integrated database security and compliance solutions, to provide the ultimate in cloud computing safety. The application runs on Oracle (9i and 10g; 11g coming soon), DB2, MS-SQL and Sybase, via Amazon Web Services and 3Tera’s Applogic cloud computing platforms.

It ought to allow users to generate audit reports on a regular basis with effective auditing tools that are key to assuring company policy compliance. This is especially important at a time when database audit requirements have become more stringent for all industries due to the increased need for risk mitigation against malicious activity.

“This should come as a welcome relief to many companies that have been hoping to utilize the incredible flexibility of the cloud but had reservations about doing so”, said Mike Michalik, CEO, Cirrhus9. “Monitoring for security vulnerabilities is important in today’s risky cyber world and is unfortunately growing more important all the time.”

According to Michalik, the new system, meant for small and medium sized businesses as well as large, multi-location enterprises, is cost-effective and fast-working when it comes to protecting against data theft, privacy breach and non-compliance. “C9 Secucloud can proactively monitor all databases for inappropriate activity”, he explained.

“Teaming up with Cirrhus9 is a winning combination for our customers”, said Gajanan Bhat, founder, president and CEO, Secucloud. “As we move to cloud computing, more and more enterprises are aware of just how vital it is to protect their data and what we’re offering is the most secure solution possible.”

To begin using the Secucloud security compliance software, users can either contact Cirrhus9 or launch the program themselves in their Amazon cloud environment via a link on the Cirrhus9 website. (Source: Cirrhus9/GST)