Record landslide drop in German exports in April 2009

German exports were down by 28.7 % in April 2009 on April last year. Never before since the year 1950 has the Federal Statistical Office reported such as landslide drop. Imports fell by 22.9% over the same period. The changes on March 2009 were 4.8 % and 5.8 %.

The German foreign trade balance closed with a surplus of 9.4 billion Euros in April 2009 following a surplus of 19.0 billion Euros in April 2008. In adjusted for calendar and season figures the foreign trade surplus amounted to 9.0 billion Euros in April 2009.

According to preliminary results provided by the German Bundesbank, the German balance of current accounts closed with a surplus of 5.8 billion Euros in April following 15.4 billion Euros in April last year.

Exports to member states of the European Union totalled 40.5 billion Euros in April 2009 and imports from there 35.6 billion Euros which is a minus of 29.9% and 22.3% respectively on April last year.

Export and imports to and from countries outside the European Union totalled 23.4 billion and 18.8 billion Euros respectively in April 2009 which were changes by -26.5 % and -23.8 % as compared to April last year. GERMAN