Hi-Fi exhibition sets new exhibitor record

This year’s small but prestigious “High End 2009” exhibition came to a successful end on May 24th in Munich. This fair is said to be the international reference exhibition for Hi-Fi technology. This year’s result: a record number of 248 exhibitors of high-quality consumer electronics, most of them small and medium-sized entities (SMEs), met with professional visitors, the number of whom had grown by 18% as compared to last year’s exhibition.

Almost half of all professional visitors (47%) came from outside Germany, most of them from Europe and Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and Russia. In total visitors travelled from about 60 different countries to Munich.

The number of exhibitors increased by about 7% as compared to last year. Thus, the share of exhibitors from abroad grew by 6% with foreigners accounting for about 40% of all exhibitors. Most foreign participants were from Italy, Great Britain, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria. GERMAN