Output of crude steel down by 50 percent in March

German metallurgical plants halved their output in March this year and produced just 1.28 million tons of pig iron which was 50.3 % less than in March last year. Output of crude steel decreased by 49.8 % to 2.1 million tons. These figures mark the biggest annual drop since the German reunification. As compared to February this year output in pig iron and crude steel fell by 14.2 % and 17.5 % respectively in March. After adjustments for calendar and season crude steel output decreased by 31.0 %.

In West Germany output of crude steel reached 1.73 million tons in March 2009 which corresponded to a drop by 50.5% as compared to March last year and was the biggest annual decrease ever registered in West Germany.

In the first quarter 2009 output of pig iron and crude steel reached 4.51 million tons and 7.31 million tons respectively in the whole of Germany. Thus, as compared to the same period last year, output of pig iron and crude steel fell by 40.6 % and 39.4 % respectively. GERMAN