Retail trade lost 5.3% in turnover in February

Turnover generated in the German retail trade fell by 5.3% in February as compared to February last year, according to estimates by the Federal Statistical Office. On January this year turnover increased by 0.2% in nominal terms and fell by 0.2% in real terms in February.

Turnover in retail trade for foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco goods fell by 6.4% and 7.3% in nominal and real terms respectively in February this year as compared to February last year. Turnover generated by supermarkets, department stores and consumer markets dropped by 6.6% and 7.4% nominally and really respectively. In the food special retail trade the respective changes were -4.4% and -6.2%.

In the German retail trade in non-foodstuffs the respective changes in turnover in February this year were -4.0% and -3.9% as compared to February in 2008.

Comparing the two-month period January/February this year with that in 2008, turnover in the German retail trade fell by 3.3% in both nominal and real terms. GERMAN