449 businesses in Germany generated at least 1 billion Euros in turnover

449 businesses in Germany generated at least one billion Euros of turnover in the year 2007 following 419 companies in 2006. All these 449 companies combined generated a turnover amounting to almost 1.7 trillion Euros which is about one third of the total turnover of all businesses subject to taxation in Germany. Total turnover of all taxable businesses amounted to approximately 5.1 trillion Euros which was an increase by 218 billion Euros (+4.4 %) in 2007 as compared to the year 2006.

Value added tax revenue by German tax authorities amounted to 126 billion Euros (+9.9 %) in 2007. This significant increase, according to the Federal Statistical Office, is due to the VAT rate increase from 16% to 19% from January 1st 2007.

There were about 2.2 million one-man businesses in 2007 which accounted for 70 % of all businesses in Germany and 10% of total turnover of all businesses combined. There were 458,000 businesses (15 % of all businesses) which had the legal form of a limited liability company (GmbH) and generated 36 % of total turnover. Just 0.2% of all businesses liable to taxation operated in the legal form of a joint-stock company (AG). Businesses of this kind, however, generated 19% of total turnover.

Most turnover was generated by the 272,000 businesses in the processing industry which amounted to almost 1.9 trillion Euros and by the 700,000 trading companies which all together generated 1.6 trillion Euros in turnover. GERMAN