Credit granting significantly more restrictive

According to the Munich-based ifo institute, in February it became more difficult for German businesses to take out loans. The percentage of businesses thinking that credit granting by banks has recently become more restrictive increased from 39.8% in January to 42.5% in February. Even though taking out a loan became more difficult for businesses of any size, smaller companies have smaller problems than major ones.

Thus, the percentage of small businesses complaining about problems in taking out a loan increased from 34.2% to 36.6%. With regard to medium-sized businesses this percentage rose from 35.6% to 41.9% and among major companies from 44.4% to 51.9%. This is the highest percentage since the first such evaluation in the summer of 2003.

Borrowing became more difficult for businesses from the construction industry as well (from 45.4% to 49.1%). Among trading companies the number of those complaining about problems in borrowing fell from 39.0% in January to 38.3% in February. GERMAN