Number of foreign tourists visiting Germany falling

German tourism is affected by the economic crisis, too. Even though in November 2008 the total number of overnight stays in Germany amounted to 22.6 million which was the same figure like in October, the number of foreign guests, however, fell by 2% to 3.4 million. Overnight stays by German tourists amounted to 19.2 million which was an increase by 1%. Taken into account were all overnight stays in places of accommodation with at least nine beds as well as those at camping sites.

The number of overnight stays in hotels decreased by 1% to 14.8 million as compared to November in 2007. Overnight stays in all other kinds of accommodation such as camping sites, holiday homes and holiday flats reached a total of 4 million which is an increase by 4%. In rehabilitation and preventive-treatment clinics the number of overnight stays grew by 1% to 3.8 million.

As compared to October 2008 the number of overnight stays in November was down by 2% after adjustment for calendar and season.

For the period from January to November 2008 the number of overnight stays amounted to 348.4 million which was a plus by 2% in comparison with the same period in 2007. 295.5 million of these were overnight stays by German tourists (2%) and 52.9 million by foreign tourists (+4%). GERMAN