More employees in German processing industry

In October this year the financial crisis had not yet affected employment in the German processing industry. At the end of October businesses in the German processing industry with at least 50 employees provided work to about 5.4 million people which was a plus of 2.0% or 105,700 people more as compared to October 2007. Once more, most jobs were created in German mechanical engineering (+5.2%). The smallest number of new jobs was created in the chemical industry (0.0%).

Second in this hit list of most important job creators was the metal processing industry (+3.7%), followed by car manufacturers and producers of motor vehicle components as well as the manufacturers of devices for the generation of electricity (+2.3% each). In the food industry the number of jobs grew by 0.3%.

The number of hours worked in October this year amounted to 736 million which is an increase by 1.4% as compared to October last year. Gross salaries and wages to the amount of 18.1 billion Euros were paid which is 3.3% more than in October 2007. GERMAN