Protection of customer data insufficient

More than 60 percent of German companies do not sufficiently protect their clients´ data. Only a minority of 37% secures the transactions of their clients over the internet and just 36% encode their online data exchange. Therefore, the situation has hardly changed since last year. These are the finding of the “IT-Security 2008” survey which was conducted by InformationWeek and Steria Mummert Consulting. In the course of this study about 470 German IT managers and data security officers were interviewed.

It seems that German companies have still difficulties in introducing effective measures in order to protect client data. Even though two thirds of companies inform their employees about guidelines on data protection and introduce codes of conduct, this does not lead to sufficient client data protection in Germany. Among other things, 67% of client data storing resources are not encoded. Security audits are not even carried out by one third of all German companies.

Most often companies shy away from effective security measures due to costs, time constraints and because they are not fully aware of the problem. Almost fifty percent of companies said that they think that investment in security solutions did not adequately pay off. Almost one third of respondents said that there is in general not sufficient awareness of the security problems in their companies. GERMAN