Golf-V-Story available as marketing case study for free

Not only to students of marketing, but also to marketers in companies of any size the “Volkswagen Golf V case study” might be a genuine gem given that it provides a very good example from practice for successful marketing. This study is now available free of charge over the internet from the Gabler publishing house. Even those entrepreneurs who do not produce vehicles will benefit from this case study. In any case this study is worth being looked at by marketers from any company.

Authors of this case study are the marketing specialists Prof. Dr. Hans-Gerhard Seeba and Prof. Dr. Christoph Burmann as well as the marketing guru Prof. Dr. Heribert Meffert whose study books have been reference points at universities for decades.

This study wants to acquaint the reader with the implementation of the theoretical basics of modern marketing into everyday business. It contains 293 pages and deals with almost the entire life cycle of the Golf V car which is still produced. Many charts, illustrations and videoclips make this study a must for anyone interested in marketing.

The case study is available under “”. GERMAN