Inflation rate in Europe down

Inflation is falling not only in Germany, but in Europe as a whole. Thus, the annual inflation rate in the Eurozone (EZ15) amounted to 3.2 % in October following 3.6% in September. In October 2007 inflation stood at 2.6%. In the EU27 the inflation rate amounted to 3.7% in October following 4.2% in September and 2.7% in October last year. As compared to September this year inflation remained unchanged in both the EZ15 and the EU27.

In October this year annual inflation was lowest in Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal (2.5% each). The highest rates were registered in Latvia (13.7%), Bulgaria (11.2%) and Lithuania (10.7%). Inflation decreased in twenty-four member states as compared to September 2008 and increased in two countries.

The smallest average rates over the past twelve months were registered in the Netherlands (2.2%), Portugal (2.9%) and Germany (3.1%) whereas the highest were to be found in Latvia (15.8%), Bulgaria (12.6%) and Lithuania (11.0%). GERMAN