Companies want customer service around the clock

European companies want permanent availability of suppliers and business partners, but are hardly able to offer the same to their clients and suppliers. This is the result of a European-wide study on the topic „Flexible work in Europe and Russia” which was carried out by the Dynamic Markets market research company. This discrepancy between wish and reality offers lucrative opportunities.

In the course of the study more than 3000 employees were interviewed in Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Spain and Great Britain. This study had been commissioned by Avaya, a software company.

The study revealed that 91% of executive managers in Europe prefer suppliers who provide around-the-clock customer service. More than 89% of respondents are even ready to pay a premium for such a service. However, just 17% of the European companies interviewed provide flexible working conditions to their employees which are the prerequisite for such a 24h service. Thus, the majority of businesses are not willing to offer what they themselves require.

With regard to Germany the study showed similar figures: 89% of German respondents prefer business partners providing 24-hour-customer service. 29% of interviewees would pay a premium of up to 10% for such a service, 30% would pay up to 25% more and 8% even up to a premium of 50%, if such a service was offered.

Thus, for service-oriented companies with a working time pattern which makes such a service possible there is the opportunity to fill a lucrative niche given that currently there are not yet many competitors around. GERMAN