Company value of SMEs not affected by financial crisis

The feared drop in value of small and medium sized entities (SMEs) has so far not occurred. This is demonstrated by the new MuM-company value indicator (mfi) which was developed by the Markt und Mittelstand manager magazine in co-operation with Klein & Coll which is a M&A consulting firm. In future this indicator will provide a monthly overview of the market prices of small and medium-sized entities not quoted on the stock exchange representing 37 lines of industry.

The market prices are calculated from annual turnover and operative revenue before tax by 600 market players.

Furthermore this new feature comes with an internet offer which makes it possible for users to list companies according to company size as well as with a tool for calculating company values on the basis of the MuM company value indicator.

The first values will by published in the 10/2008 edition of the magazine which will be available from October 8th. The internet portal can be found at GERMAN