Meeting of young visionaries taking place in October

A “meeting of internet visionaries” has been announced by the organizers of the “IdeaLab!” congress which will take place at the WHU business university. Participants in this congress will discuss which business ideas are currently receiving most attention, what are the visions of internet entrepreneurs and which fields are worth investing in.

Among the speakers announced for this year´s congress are among others Oliver Samwer (founder of Jamba!), Lukasz Gadowski (manufacturer of printable T-shirts), Suhas Gopinath (founded his first enterprise at the age of 14 in the USA, today he is CEO of Globals Inc.), Michael Brehm and Ehssan Dariani (founders of StudiVZ) as well as Johannes Ziegler, lecturer at the Stanford University.

Given that the “internet millionaires” prefer a familiar atmosphere, interested students and business founders prior to being admitted to the congress will be required to submit their CVs online and shortly state their motivation for participation in this event. Business representatives and established business founders will be granted access without prior check.

This congress will take place from October 10th to 11th near Koblenz. Additional information, tickets and application details are available online. GERMAN