German contents increasingly filling the internet

Almost 15 million Germans put their fotos on the internet and seven million operate their own websites. Almost 17% (12 million Germans) take part in discussion forums. About 2% have their own blogs. All these people make a contribution to the contents of the internet and are therefore part of the “Web 2.0”. This is the finding of a current study by the TechConsult market research firm which was commissioned by BITKOM. About 1000 Germans were interviewed in the course of this study.

The study shows that men use the Web-2.0 technologies more often than women. This difference is particularly marked when it comes to operating one´s own website, participation in discussion forums or the publication of videos as well as the use of internet telephony. Only in the age group of teens between ten and seventeen years of age there are internet applications which are more actively used by girls such as sending messages or with regard to the publishing of pictures and private data.

Chats and the sending of so-called instant messages are, however, popular among both males and females: 33% of male and 25% of female internet users use chats or send instant messages. Among boys between 10 and 17 years of age this figure even amounts to 85% and to 94% among girls of that same age group. GERMAN