The world seen from a European perspective

In order to remain updated on global developments and in order not to be taken by surprise by crises such as high oil prices or the financial crisis in the USA – which would all have been foreseeable if one had closely followed the global economic development – it is now possible to obtain the necessary overview reading the “Europe’s World” magazine containing articles by experts from all around Europe.

Since October 2005 this independent political magazine has been published three times a year in English and French language and filled with life by about 50 European think tanks and business institutes including the Institute of the German Economy (IW) in Cologne. The latest issue comprises about 220 pages and plenty of interesting articles including the following on economic issues:

International issues

  • “The financial contagion now spreading worldwide” by Hannes Androsch
  • “It’s time Europe got its economic policy act together” by Jim O’Neill
  • “Capitalism’s uncertain future” by Daniel Daianu
  • “Is Gazprom’s strategy political?” by Alexander Medvedev
  • “Supposing the United States becomes isolationist” by Ian Bremmer
  • “Think big, Russia and Europe, you both need an energy community” by Timofei Bordachev

European issues

  • “Getting the Franco-German engine back into gear” by Ulrike Guérot
  • “The questions facing Europe’s development bank” by Jean Lemierre
  • “Why Sarkozy’s Mediterranean plan is arousing suspicions” by Eduard Soler i Lecha
  • “Make the western Balkans the EU’s next prize” by Doris Pack
  • “The new kids on the R&D block” by Gerard Salole

Sustainable Europe

  • “Global economic “architecture” is no longer fit for purpose” by Herman Mulder
  • “How Europe could leap-frog the US in productivity” by Robert Atkinson

The latest issue in English is available free of charge and in an unabridged version for download. All the preceding issues are still available as well. GERMAN