Import prices increased by 5.7%

In April 2008 import prices were 5.7% higher than in April last year. This was the same annual increase as in March. In comparison with March 2008 the prices for imports increased by 0.9%. Prices grew most for energy carriers (+36.1%) over the last year. Export prices were up by 2.2% in April as compared to April 2007. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the export price index increased by 0.3% in comparison with March 2008.

Crude oil became by 41.4% more expensive over the past year (+3.5% as compared with March 2008), prices for mineral oil products rose by 35.6% (+5.1% on the previous month). Prices for coking products were up by 35.5%.

Hard coal was 32.1% more expensive thereby also contributing to the overall price rise in the energy sector. After prices for hard coal had temporarily fallen in February (-2.5%), they increased by 1.1% in April as compared to March. Natural gas was 33.2% more expensive in April as compared to April 2007 and by 5.0% in comparison with March 2008.

Without taking into account crude oil and mineral oil products, the import price index in April this year was 1.5% higher than in April 2007. GERMAN