From autumn onwards there will be 10 new and modernized kinds of professional training in Germany

At the beginning of the educational year 2008 seven new vocational training courses will be introduced and three modernized from August 1st. Thus, the Federal Institute for Vocational Training (BIBB) continues its modernization of the vocational dual system in Germany. Over the past twelve months the BIBB has introduced 79 new professions and modernized 215.

Now there will be vocation training for robot technology, photo media, temporary employment services, production technologies, security services as well as for the production of ice cream.

The new and modernized vocational training courses were developed and adapted to current requirements by experts from both sides employers as well as employees in co-operation with the Federal and regional governments, business associations and unions.

Against the background of demographic development, Mr. Manfred Kremer who is the BIBB´s president calls upon businesses to meet the requirements of a more differentiated clientele with regard to applicants for apprenticeship training positions. “The times when companies and businesses could chose from a large pool of qualified school-leavers are definitely over. Now it is important to take care of those who due to difficulties have lost out over recent years. We need them all in order to keep up the economic performance of our country.”

Mr. Kremer also called on the young generation to inform itself thoroughly at school, to gather as much practical experience as possible and to also take into consideration alternatives to the dream profession. According to BIBB, each year more than 30 percent of young men and even more than half of all young women crowd into the ten most popular professions while there are in total 344 professions offered by the dual vocational system many of which similar to the dream profession and where prospects are even better than in the top ten professions.

A detailed description to personnel managers and instructors as well as to applicants is available for download. GERMAN