Executives increasingly worried about CEO salaries

One out of three executives are worried about the exorbitant salary of their chief executive officer. This fact was revealed through the “Executive Quiz” study by the Korn/Ferry International. Back in 2007, a similar survey showed that just 21% of executives held this opinion.

Furthermore, 80% of executives interviewed said that share holders should have a certain right to a say when it comes to the salaries of business leaders. To the answer whether the remuneration of their CEO was directly proportionate to the performance of the business, 55% of interviewees responded that the salary did not or only to a limited extent reflect the business results. Just 42% answered that their CEO´s salary corresponded to the performance of their companies.

Participants in the “Executive Quiz” survey, which was conducted in March 2008, came from 50 countries and represented a broad range of sectors and activities. GERMAN