Processing industry generates 6.2% more turnover

In February 2008 processing industry in Germany increased its turnover by 6.2% in real terms in comparison with February 2007. At the same time turnover within Germany increased by 5.3% while that with foreign purchasers grew by 7.2%. Turnover fell by 0.1% on the previous month (January 2008) after adjustments for season and calendar. All these figures are the result of provisional calculations by the Federal Statistical Office.

Among those economic sectors generating most turnover the production of radio and telecommunications technology grew most by 9.6% (turnover within Germany: +20.5%, with foreign clients: +2.9%), followed by the manufacture of motor vehicles and components thereof with 9.5% (+8.2% and +10.2%). In the food industry turnover stagnated in February 2008 (-1.7% and +8.0% respectively).

In comparison with January 2008 turnover generated in the business with foreign buyers increased by 0.5% in February but fell by 0.5% within Germany. Sales to the Eurozone grew by 0.8% while those to regions other than the Eurozone increased by 0.4%.
The turnover volume generated over the entire period of 2007 in the German processing industry grew by 5.9% as compared with the year 2006. Sales within Germany grew by 3.7% while turnover generated with foreign buyers increased by 8.7%. GERMAN