Less orders to industry in February

According to provisional calculations by the Federal Statistical Office, the number of orders received by industry in Germany fell once again in February as compared to January by 0.5% after adjustments for price and season. Thus, the decrease somewhat slowed down in comparison with January when there had been a drop by -0.7% on the previous month. Positive in February was the fact of several major orders.

While the producers of investment and consumer goods had to put up with less orders (-0.9% and -1.3% respectively), the demand for intermediate inputs remained virtually unchanged (+0.1%). The decrease in incoming orders is due to less demand from abroad which fell by 1.1%. The number of domestic orders remained constant.

As compared to the order volume in January and February 2007, this year’s volumes were significantly higher (by about 9.0%). Orders from abroad increased by 11.0% and domestic orders by 6.9% since January/February last year.

The number of incoming orders to industry had decreased over three months in a row. The decrease is in particular due to a weaker demand from abroad. Domestic demand is still robust and slightly above that of the fourth quarter 2007.

More details are available from a table compiled by the German ministry for economic affairs. GERMAN