Turkey promotes German investment

A new contact for German companies planning investments in Turkey has been working since the beginning of 2008. The German office of the “Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey” (ISPAT) is directly subordinate to the Turkish Prime Minister. The representative of German businesses in Turkey is Mr. Michael Maasmeier, an entrepreneur from Cologne and managing director of the Counterpart agency. The ISPAT is to support companies wishing to enter the Turkish market.

The organisation has two central offices in Ankara and Istanbul and a worldwide network of international branches in 14 countries. By creating an appealing atmosphere for investment the Turkish government seeks to strengthen Turkey’s attraction as an industrial location. “ISPAT plays a very important role for the future development of Turkey. ISPAT promotes Turkey as an industrial location and supports foreign investors who wish to enter the Turkish market“, says Mr Maasmeier.

“ISPAT is a one-stop-shop”, continues Mr. Maasmeier. “Interested investors turn to us and we will then provide specific advice and forge contact with the ISPAT´s central office in Turkey.” The ISPAT representatives have direct contact with the project managers of their respective countries, who will answer to enquiries and are able to influence decision making in Turkey. These co-operate with all Turkish ministries. Thus, communication by German investors with Turkish authorities is significantly facilitated and their entry into the Turkish market speeded up.

The setting up of a company by foreign investors is possible within a few days. “This is also due to the entrepreneurial spirit of the ISPAT. Even though it is as a matter of fact an authority, it is also oriented to profitability. The ISPAT works much more effectively than a traditional authority, explains Mr. Maasmeier. This fact is also reflected by its hierarchy. The ISPAT president, Alpaslan Korkmaz, is subordinate to Prime Minister Erdogan, who can take immediate action if necessary.
Further information and contact details are available on the ISPAT website. GERMAN