Retail sale turnover increased by 0.4% in Eurozone

As was reported by Eurostat, the statistical office of the EU, in January 2008 the volume of turnover in the retail sale business increased by 0.4% in the Eurozone (EZ15) and by 0.6% in the EU27 as compared to December 2007. In comparison with January 2007 turnover decreased by 0.1% in the Eurozone while it increased by 1.8% in the EU27.

Monthly changes:
Sales of foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco goods increased by 0.6% in the Eurozone and by 0.7% in the EU27 in January as compared to December last year. Sales in the non-food sector rose by 0.4% and 0.6% respectively.

Among those EU member states which made data available, there were twelve in which the retail sale turnover volume increased and four in which turnover fell. Most significant increases were registered in Belgium (+9.5%), Lithuania (+7.4%) and Portugal (+4.1%). Most significant decreases were observed in Latvia (-1.5%) and Spain (-1.1%).

Annual changes:
In January 2008 sales in foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco goods fell by 1.0% in the Eurozone and increased by 0.2% in the EU27 in comparison with January 2007. The changes in the non-food sector were +0.4% and +2.8% respectively.

There were twelve EU member states which made data available and in which turnover in retail sale increased while there were three in which it fell. In Denmark there were no changes. Turnover grew most in Slovakia (+15.6%), Bulgaria (+14.8%), Lithuania (+14.5%) and Poland (+8.3%) while the most significant decrease was registered in Spain -2.4%). GERMAN