Market for digital reached 60 million Euros

Music downloaded from the internet is as highly demanded as never before. In the year 2007 Germans downloaded songs and music albums to the value of 60 million Euros. This was revealed in the course of the latest study by the Association for research of consumer behavior (GfK) carried out on behalf of the BITKOM high-tech association. Turnover generated by this kind of business increased significantly as well.

The number of downloads increased to 34.4 million songs and albums in the past year. This is an increase by 30 percent as compared to the year 2006 (25.9 million).

The success of the digital music market is in particular due to the demand by men. Only 36% of total turnover is generated by women’s demand. Particularly young people are the driving force behind growth in the digital music market. Those aged below 30 years of age generated about half of total turnover (49%). GERMAN