Foreign growth with Turkey growing more slowly

As was reported by the Federal Statistical Office yesterday, German exports to Turkey increased by 5.0% to 13.9 billion Euros in the period from January to November 2007 as compared to the same period one year earlier. Imports from Turkey to Germany grew by 5.7% to 9.0 billion Euros in the same period.

The most important export products were motor vehicles and components thereof amounting to the value of 3.5 billion Euros (24.9% of all exports to Turkey), machines amounting to 2.8 billion Euros (20.0%) and chemical products to the value of 2.2 billion Euros (16.1%).

The most important goods imported from Turkey to Germany were clothes to the value of 2.4 billion Euros (26.5% of all German imports from Turkey), motor vehicles and components thereof amounting to 1.5 billion Euros (16.5%) and textiles worth 1.1 billion Euros (12.1%).

In the ranking list of Germany’s most important foreign trade partners Turkey is in 17th position with regard to exports (1.6% of all German exports) and in 20th as far as imports are concerned (1.3% of all German imports). GERMAN