German exports increased significantly in October

According to the Federal Statistical Office, in October 2007 exports and imports from and to Germany amounted to 88.9 and 70.1 billion Euros respectively. Thus, German exports increased by 6.3% and imports by 5.2% as compared to October last year. In comparison to September this year exports and imports grew by 0.6% and 0.2% respectively.

The foreign trade balance closed with a surplus of 18.7 billion Euros. In October last year there had been a surplus of 17.0 billion Euros. In figures adjusted for calendar and season the foreign trade surplus was 18.2 billion Euros in October this year.
According to the Deutsche Bundesbank, the balance of currents accounts closed with a surplus of 13.7 billion Euros in October 2007. In October last year the surplus had amounted to 12.9 billion Euros. GERMAN