Global share of digital cameras reached 91 percent

By the end of 2007 approximately 138 million digital cameras will have been sold worldwide which will amount to an increase of about 10% as compared to last year. In the meantime the share of digital cameras has increased to 91% (about 126 million pieces). The world market for high-quality reflex cameras alone will exceed the barrier of 7 million pieces in 2007. The above figures were presented by the Association of the German photo industry at a photokina press conference.

Nine months prior to the photokina 2008, the World of Imaging (from September 23rd to September 28th) in Cologne, the photo and imaging industry is optimistic. Digitalization has been the driving force behind the development of numerous new products in the photo industry. The positive development with regard to digital cameras is also giving wings to the industry producing accessories ranging from objectives over flash lights to tripods and camera cases.

According to the association, the German market for digital cameras alone grew by approximately 10% as compared to 2006 to about 8.6 million pieces sold. Furthermore, by the end of 2007 in Germany at least 5 billion color paper photos will have been produced. Particularly successful are photo books: about 1.5 million of them have so far been sold in Germany in 2007 which is an increase by more than 300 percent. GERMAN