Traditional advertising is main profit source for advertising agencies

Traditional advertising is the top profit source for German advertising agencies. 80% of advertising agencies organised in the Association of German communication agencies (GWA) did most investments in digital communication in the year 2006. However, the GWA slightly corrects its spring forecast downwards now expecting a growth of 4.2% in terms of turnover for the advertising industry in the financial year 2007.

Based on today´s state of knowlege the GWA expects turnover to grow by 4% in 2008. These are findings by the GWA´s autumn survey among members of the association. Another finding is that German advertising is becoming more interactive and more integrated.

According to GWA chairman Mr. Holger Jung, one future mission for agencies and GWA followed the results of a survey on innovation and creativity in Germany commissioned by GWA and carried out among the German population which revealed that advertising and policy making are at the lower end of a creativity ranking list. Germans rather consider scientists and the young generation to be the driving forces behind creative developments, followed by artists and persons engaged in the cultural sector, the media and the decision makers in business. Therefore Mr. Jung says: „It is our task to better communicate the role of advertising agencies as being developers of creative ideas and driving force behind societal and economic development.»

The GWA´s autum survey findings are available for download. GERMAN