New portal against brand piracy launched

Due to product and brand piracy the German economy suffers massive damage. One means intended to help to curb these damages is a new internet portal called »Original ist genial« which is among others sponsored by the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK). The portal provides both theoretic and practical support. Among other things it provides free of charge downloads of a broad range of brochures such as that entitled »patents and trademark rights« (download).

Mr. Axel Nitschke, deputy managing director of the DIHK, on the occasion of the platform’s launch in Berlin said that statistics provided by the German customs authorities confirm the importance of this issue. Thus, in 2006 German customs authorities confiscated more than 1.1 billion Euros worth of goods which is five times as much as in the previous year. »In our opinion this alarming development is going to continue this year», said Mr. Nitschke. Each year brand piracy causes damages amounting to between 20 and 30 billion Euros worth of turnover to the German economy. About 70.000 jobs were already lost due to this phenomenon in Germany.

Slowly people are realizing that the supposed bargain is not only of minor quality but could also pose risks to one’s health. Unfortunately, however, a real change in trend is not yet in sight. Therefore, by launching the new internet portal the German representation of the International Chamber of Commerce, the Markenverband, the Association of the German industry and the DIHK created a central address to turn to in order to fight brand and product piracy. The new platform which addresses itself to all lines of industry provides those interested with information on current activities and on the issue itself. GERMAN