More jobs in August in Germany

In August this year there were 39.71 million gainfully employed people in Germany. This is an increase by 638.000 (+1.6%) as compared to August last year. Thus, according to the Federal Statistical Office, the number of gainfully employed people reached its highest level since the German re-unification. Compared to July this year the number of employed people increased by 72.000 people (+0.2%).

However, the monthly increase in August as compared to July was slightly below the average over the pastt three years (+79.000 people). In adjusted for season figures the number of gainfully employed people rose by 19.000 people as compared to the previous month in August this year. Thus, the upward trend continued after a plus of 26.000 and 33.000 more employed people in July and June respectively.

The percentage of gainfully employed people in proportion to the total population aged between 15 and 64 years amounted to 70.2% in August and thus reached the goal set at the Europen level in the so-called Lisbon strategy. GERMAN