More orders in construction industry

According to the Federal Statistical Office, the order intake in the German main construction industry (companies with at least 20 employees) increased by 3.6% (adjusted for prices) in July 2007 as compared to July 2006. Order intake for structural engineering increased by 8.6% while those for underground engineering fell by 1.3%.

In total the civil engineering industry employed 706.000 people in Germany as of end of July 2007 which was 26.000 people less than one year ago (-3.5%). Total turnover in this sector amounted to about 7.6 billion Euros in July which is 1.1% less than in July last year.

Order intake in the period from January to July 2007 increased by 3.1% (adjusted for prices) as compared to the same period in 2006. Turnover totalled 41 billion Euros which exceeded the turnover in the first seven months in 2006 by 4.0%. Employment increased slightly by 0.1%. GERMAN