CRM strategies for SMEs

»The future of small and medium-sized entities« is the principal topic of this year´s day of entrepreneurs at the university of the Saarland. One of the main topics will be CRM strategies for small and medium-sized entities (SMEs). This event will take place on September 17th in the lecture hall of the university of the Saarland. It mainly addresses itself to companies and institutions from the Saarland, but it is also open to entrepreneurs from other Federal Laender.

The speakers will be professors Andrea Gröppel-Klein and Professor Christian Scholz (both lecturing business economics at the Saar-university), Wolfgang Elkart who is an auditor and tax advisor as well as board member of Ernst & Young AG and Professor Horst Opaschowski who is head of the BAT foundation for questions of the future.

The event is organized by the department of knowledge and technology transfer at the Saarland university in co-operation with the institute for business start-ups/SMEs as well as the Ernst & Young AG. Participation is free of charge. Further information is available online. GERMAN