One quarter of all vacancies for young researchers

In the spring 2007 it was above all product managers who were sought by personnel managers. Since then, however, companies have concentrated on an innovation oriented human ressource policy: the number of vacancies for researchers has strongly increased. While in January and April 2007 about 15% of all job vacancies were addressed to developers, this percentage almost doubled in July. This is the finding of the “Young Professional Index” study conducted by jobs in time, a personnel service provider.

German companies benefit from the positive economic climate in order to invest in their innovative potential. About one quarter of all job vacancies (27.1%) for university graduates is provided by the field of research and development. Thus, research and development are by far those areas on which companies focus most. Other fiels of activity are less concentrated upon so that just one in ten vacancies refers to business development for example.

The strongest demand for technical innovation is on the part of the goods producing industry. Thus, nine out of ten vacancies relate to this line of business. Also strong is the demand from the service industry publishing 10% of all ads, in particular from specialists providing complex technical services who want to extend their portfolios by new inhouse developments.

The best career opportunities for researchers can be found in the South of Germany. Thus, 58.5% of all vacancies come from Bavaria and another 16.9% from Baden Wurttemberg. Another innovation centre is located in Rhineland-Palatinate and offers 9.0% of all vacant jobs for researchers.

In the course of the Young Professional Index study 2095 job ads by 800 companies were examined in the second quarter 2007. These 800 companies represent all German lines of industry. GERMAN