Early warning systems for SMEs available free of charge

Researchers and experts of an EU joint initiative called EQUAL have compiled an outstanding collection of software tools and information for early warning systems for small and medium-sized entities (SMEs). The tools are availalabe free of charge online in the form of a toolbox CD. This CD is taken care of by the chair of work organisation at the Ruhr university. The CD comes with a booklet containing a short description of each tool.

Modern early warning systems not only enable companies to better extrapolate important ratios such as profit or order intake, but they can also explain the development of these ratios. Such early warning systems were compiled, systemized and compared by the reasearchers in the booklet and on the CD in question. Most tools are tailored to the needs of employees and may be connected to other systems such as quality, work safety or environment management systems. All tools have already proved their quality in practice.

The contents of the CD is available online while the booklet can be ordered free of charge from Mr. Peter Rienhardt,

MittelstandsWiki thinks that the offer is very recommandable, comprehensive and professionally compiled and should be recommended to others. GERMAN