German companies not so much esteemed in Germany

Each year the Reputation Institute in New York and a global research network present a list of companies with the highest standing. The reputation of German companies in Germany is examined by the “RapTrakTM Pulse Germany 2007” study. This study demonstrates how much efforts German companies put in their own good reputation. Just five German companies made it in the top fifty of companies with the best reputation index worldwide and none of them among the top ten.

At the top end of this year´s reputation index list are Lego and Ikea. Also in top positions are Barilla, Toyota and Ferrero, but no German company. The most reputable company is BMW which comes in 34th position. Following are Lufthansa (place 36), Robert Bosch (42nd), Aldi (45th) and Henkel (48th).

The reputation index measures the reputation of a company in its country of origin and the values then received can afterwards be compared at an international level: in the course of the current study 60.000 people from 29 countries answered questions on the popularity and the trustworthyness of companies in their homecountries.
However, the reputation index is not only a ranking. The so-called “RapTrakTM Pulse” provides information on how opinions about a company form and whether the steps taken by a company to improve its image are effective. Only who knows their image is able to improve it.

The German part of the study in question is carried out at the Institute for Marketing and Management at the Leibniz Universität Hannover and headed by Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Wiedmann. A summary with detailed findings of the study is available online. GERMAN