In June strong increase of order intake by German industry

According to provisional data provided by the Federal Statistical Office, incoming orders in the German industry increased strongly by 4.6% in June. In May orders had already been up by 3.0%. The number of large orders was significantly above average, which in particular benefited the manufacturers of capital goods, whose order intake increased most with a plus of 7.9%.

The demand for intermediate inputs increased by 1.6% while that for consumer goods fell by 1.7%. This development of increasing order intake by the German industry was particularly driven by foreign demand which increased in total by 8.7% while domestic demand was up by 0.3%.

Thus, order intake increased even further in the second quarter after it had already developed positively in the first quarter of 2007. Most important in this development are orders from abroad in particular the demand for capital goods. At the same time domestic demand remains keen too. Thus, the prospects for a dynamic development in the German industry continue to be promising.

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