Production prices increased slightly in European industry

As was reported by Eurostat which is the EU’ s statistical office the industrial producer price index increased by 0.1% in June as compared to May in both the Eurozone (EZ13) and the EU27. Back in May the index had still increased by 0.3% in both regions. Compared to June 2006 producer prices inreased by 2.3% and 2.2% in the Eurozone and the EU27 respectively.

As compared to May 2007 prices in the energy sector increased by 0.1% in both the EZ13 and the EU27. Consumer goods prices rose bz 0.2% in both regions, while prices of durables and investment goods remained unchanged.

Prices rose most strongly in Denmark (+2.3%), Bulgaria (+1.3%) and Luxemburg (+1.1%) as compared to May 2007 and fell in Lithuania (-0.6%), the Netherlands (-0.3%) and the United Kingdom (-0.2%).

Compared to June last year producer prices rose most in Luxemburg (+8.9%), Lithuania (+7.8%) and Hungary (+7.2%) while they fell in Denmark by 0.6%. GERMAN