Internet well established in the place of work

Almost half of all German executives and experts (45%) need more than two hours every day for working on the internet. Another 23% said that they spent between one and two hours of their working time online every day. Only 13% said that they did not need the internet for carrying out their work. These are the findings of a survey conducted by the Stepstone online job market.

Leading in terms of professional internet use is Italy. Here 57% of executives spend more than two hours every day online and another 20% use the net for a period of between one and two hours.

By international comparison Germany is just average in Europe in terms of professional internet use. At the international level 45% of those questioned use the net more than two hours every day, while 12% said not to work online at all.

8855 German visitors of the Stepstone site took part in the survey, while the total number of participants from Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and France amounted to 24.614 people. GERMAN