Data base available on UN Uniform Sales Law in seven languages

The UN´s Uniform Sales Law took effect in 70 contracting states on the 1st of December 2007. In 2003 these states accounted for 73% of worldwide exports and about 75% of imports. Thus, the UN´s commercial law is one of the most important bodies of rules and regulations in the world of business. Since July 1st 2007 those interested can access a new database called »The Uniform Sales Law (CISG) in seven languages« for free.

After two years´ of hard work the data base has now been made accessible by professors Dr. iur. Heinz Albert Friehe (lawyer from Salzgitter) and Dr. iur. Winfried Huck (Dean of the law faculty at the University of Applied Sciences in Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel and head of the Institute for International Business & Law to the general public.
Thus, for the first time it is possible to compare all standards in seven languages. No other data base in the world is able to do this, said Prof. Dr. Winfried Huck on launching the database.

The new data base which is freely available on the internet allows a fast and reliable access to the UN´s Uniform Sales Law in up to seven languages. It is up to the user how to display and group the several articles. The flexibility of the data base makes it possible for the user to have a variably horizontal viewing of individual articles and a vertical comparison of the overall structure.

The selection of the seven languages takes into account the top ten countries of foreign trade statistics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. From the point of view of a German user the data base provides access to 36 contracting states. An extension of the database in order to include additional languages such as Russian and Polish is in the planning stage. Further information is available from the website of the University of Applied Sciences in Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel. GERMAN