Processing industry increased turnover in May considerably

The Federal Statistical Office reported that the processing industry generated 6.2% more turnover in real terms in May 2007 as compared to May 2006. Compared to April this year turnover increased by 2.6%.

Home sales increased by 4.3% as compared to May last year, while sales to foreign customers were up by 8.7%. The turnover for countries from the Eurozone increased by 8.0% and that for the rest of the world by 9.3%.

The biggest sales increases were achieved in mechanical engineering with a plus of 11.0% (home sales: +8.4%, foreign sales: +13.0%), followed by turnover in chemical products (9.4% (home sales: +9.1%, foreign sales: +9.6%). The smallest increases were registered in radio technologies and telecommunications where turnover grew by 3.2% (home sales: -4.1%, foreign sales: +9.0%).

As compared to April 2007 there were more sales in both Germany (+2.4%) and with foreign customers (+2.9%). Turnover with countries from the Eurozone increased by 0.3% while sales to the rest of the world were up by 5.2%. GERMAN