SMEs seeking young inventive minds

In particular small and medium-sized service providers are keen on recruiting young scientists and engineers: Almost one quarter (23%) are looking for newcomers for their R&D departments. This is one finding of the »Young Professional Index« study carried out by the jobs in time personnel agency. In the course of this survey data contained in more than 2900 online job descriptions provided by 800 companies were examined.

Small and medium-sized entities are more and more investing in their in-house research and development in order to increase their competitiveness by coming up with application-oriented solutions. Therefore, personnel managers preferably recruit young all-round talents who have versatile technical skills. It may be a surprise to many graduates that one in ten companies providing services do research and development on behalf of their customers. 23% of all small and medium-sized entities from this group would like to strengthen their teams by employing young scientists and engineers. Most of the time these companies are flexibly structured, work life and the tasks assigned are of various nature. By carrying out their own projects young professionals can rapidly make a name for themselves. However, this also means that responsibility has to be taken right from the start, given that SMEs hardly offer any trainee-posts.

In order to find an appropriate work place and an attractive company among SMEs, graduates should apply other strategies than when looking for a job in a major company. It is worthwile looking for them on trade fairs and recruiting events as well as to consult personnel agencies.
The entire study is available online. GERMAN