Wholesale trade turnover up by 3.0 percent

The Federal Statistical Office reported that wholesale trade turnover increased by 4.8% in nominal terms and by 3.0% in real terms in April 2007 as compared to April 2006. Compared to March 2007, however, it increased by 1.5% less both in nominal and real terms. Most turnover was generated in the wholesale of machines, equipment and accessories (in real terms +14.0%, +8.1% in nominal terms).

Among the six major wholesale trade sectors only in one turnover was below that of last year. This sector was wholesale in agricultural raw materials and lifestock (-3.9%). In nominal terms, however, even in this sector there was a turnover plus of +7.7% as compared to April 2006. In the period from January to April this year the wholesale business generated a turnover plus of 4.5% in nominal and 2.3% in real terms as compared to the same period in 2006.

For the time being the above figures are preliminary ones, says the Federal Statistical Office. GERMAN