Interactive tool on German foreign trade available online

A very sophisticated but also easy to use interactive tool on German foreign trade was recently made available online by the Federal Statistical Office. The interactive tool can currently be viewed and used with the Internet Explorer and the Firefox browser. It features official statistical data which are presented in the form of dynamic diagrams. Through mouse clicks it is possible to select data grouped by country, business area and product class.

The new tool on foreign trade statistics is accessible free of charge and demonstrates very clearly the flow of goods from and to Germany. Thus, Germany’s foreign trade with partner countries is presented graphically grouped e.g. by product. Furthermore, the user is provided with figures on exports, imports and trade balances for the period from 2004 to 2006. By selecting individual countries it is also possible to receive detailed information on trade with the country in question.

According to the Federal Statistical Office there will be further similar interactive applications and standardized services available online in future. GERMAN