Big salaries for sales representatives

The sales department is very important for the success of any company. This fact is also reflected by salaries paid to sales representatives. A young employee in the sales department on average earns 48.000 Euros a year and the head of the sales force 131.000 Euros. Compared to the past year salaries in the field service rose by a moderate 2.6% as far as fixed salaries are concerned. The above figures were published in the »Führungs- und Fachkräfte im Außendienst 2007″study carried out by the Kienbaum management consultancy.

Other findings of the study: To a much larger extent than anywhere else the salaries of the sales forces have variable components. 84% of all employees receive salaries which are variable. The salaries of top sales people normally comprise a 33%-share which is variable and for young salesmen this figure still amounts to 20 percent.

The range of total salaries received by the people working in sales is particularly wide: it starts with 20.000 and goes up to 200.000 Euros, top field workers earn between 30.000 and more than 300.000 Euros. The amount of salaries is determined by many factors such as line of industry, products, company size, age, qualification and first of all personal achievements of employees.
Retirement benefits are an important topic in German companies. But it is a quite important cost factor too. In total 74 percent of field workers receive retirement benefits.

Field service is not a domain of young people. 66 percent of field workers are older than 40 years of age. The average age is 45. Age and professional experience are important criteria when it comes to salaries in the field service. Work experience pays off. Thus a key account manager on average earns 71.000 Euros annually at an age of 30-35 years, whereas his colleague who has a similar post and is older than 55 years earns 92.000 Euros.

The complete study is available for 480 Euros from Kienbaum. GERMAN