Big increase in incoming orders in March

The amount of incoming orders sharply increased by 2.4% in March as compared to February. In February incoming orders had already been up by 4.3%. Above-average figures were registered in March in particular in terms of major orders. Domestic orders increased by 2.9% and those from abroad by 2.1%.

Particularly profiting were manufacturers of investment goods and intermediate inputs the orders of which increased by 2.9% and 2.8% respectively. Order intake by consumer goods manufacturers, however, slightly decreased by 0.7%.

Over the entire first quarter order intake increased by 3.9% as compared to the previous quarter. The biggest increase in order intake was registered by manufacturers of investment goods (+8.8%). The demand for consumer goods and intermediate inputs also increased, but to a smaller extent (+1.5 and +1.9% respectively).

Over the coming months there will be a concurrence of rising order intake and good business climate in industry which will result in an extraordinary dynamic economic development. More detailed figures are available online. GERMAN