Online purchases peak on Mondays

The virtual shopping baskets of online shop customers are surprisingly fullest on Mondays. This is the finding of a survey by Zanox. According to this survey most online-transactions are carried out on Mondays between eight and nine o´clock pm. In the period of the daylight saving time, however, online peaks shift from the evening to the afternoon.

One explanation for shopping sprees on Mondays may be the fact that on weekends consumers are just window shopping in the world of real jobs whereas they look for bargains on Mondays on the internet. The exact distribution analysis of online purchases over the week shows that 16.50% of all online transactions are carried out on Mondays, 15.14% on Tuesdays, 15.00% on Wednesdays, 14.52% on Thursdays, 13.75% on Fridays, 11.97% Saturday and 13.12% on Sundays.

The figures of the survey are based on selling figures established by the shop software of online shops which have been evaluated since the beginning of 2005. In more than 30 countries Zanox offers a wide range of e-commerce solutions. GERMAN