Exports of new cars up by 4 percent

According to the Federal Statistical Office in the year 2006 the number of German cars exported amounted to 4.2 million to a total value of 87.1 billion Euros. This corresponds to a 4% increase as compared to the previous year and a plus of 7.4% on a value basis. 2.7 million of the total amount of cars exported were equipped with petrol engines (value 58.5 billion Euros) and 1.5 million with diesel engines (value 28.5 billion Euros).

In 2006 German cars were most popular in the United States of America, Great Britain and Italy: These three countries alone imported 1.7 million German cars to the value of more than 37 billion Euros in 2006.

The number of cars imported to Germany amounted to 2.2 million at a total value of 31.4 billion Euros. Most cars were imported from France which exported about 340.000 cars to the value of 3.9 billion Euros to Germany. Other important supplier countries were Japan (224.000 cars, 3.2 billion Euros) and Spain (208.000 cars, 2.5 billion Euros). GERMAN